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Well furnished library with good atmosphere for reading is available. We have a good collection of a wide variety of specialised books in every branch of computer, information technology and electrical & electronics, civil, mechanical and general engineering.. The library has over 9000 Indian & Foreign technical & books and it regularly subscribes to many recognised journals books and it regularly subscribes to many recognised journals and periodicals.



Separate hostel facilities are available for both boys and girls. The hostel has been constructed to accommodate 200 students. The mess is run on dividing system by the committee of students. Conducive atmosphere exists for studying and enjoying extra - curricular activities at the hostel.



The institute is having its own buses for the benefit of the students and staff for their daily conveyance and industrial visits. The buses are run from polytechnic to, Erode, Tiruchengode, Omalur, Namakkal,  Salem, Rasipuram, Edappadi and Tharamangalam.




Aims and Objectives

To observe the community while undergoing instruction in an educational institution,

To arouse the social consciousness of students,

To provide them with an opportunity to work with the people around the educational campus creatively and constructively,

To apply the education received to concrete social use, It has been felt that the primary aim of the scheme is to enable the students to upgrade their personality and experience through community service.

These objectives are sought to be achieved by the students to:

Understand the community in which they work,

Understand themselves in relation to their community

Identify the needs and community and seek appropriate solutions,

Develop aims themselves with a sense of social and civic responsibility,

Apply their education in finding practical solutions to individual and

community problems,

Gain skills in mobilising community participation,

Acquire leadership of qualities and democratic attitude.

Develop capacity to meet emergences and natural disasters and practise

means to bring about national integration.


The Motto

The motto of the NSS is "NOT ME BUT YOU ". This expresses the essence of democratic living and upholds the need for selfless service and appreciation of the other man's point of view and also to show consideration for fellow human beings.


The Symbols

The symbols on NSS is based on the "Rath" wheel of the Konark Sun temple of Orissa. It stands for continuity as well as change and implies on the part of the NSS for continuous striving forward for social transformation and upliftment.


The Volunteers

Every NSS volunteer shall know his duties and responsibilities. He shall be courteous, patient and willing to serve the community in all possible ways. In order to achieve the objectives the volunteers are involved in the following thrust areas for implementing their skills by the way of active involvement.                           

Personality Development

Health education and Healthcare

Environment protection/enrichment/conversation

Gender equity/equality

National Integration and social harmony

Community literacy

Community productivity/technology/transfer programs

The volunteers took part in various Orientation and Training Programs

The College organize many Orientation and Training programs for NSS volunteers


Programmes Conducted by our NSS Unit

On September 24 2007 NSS Day we started our Unit I with 100 members in the unit. Our Principal being the Chairman of this Unit opened the Unit and it is running successfully in the second year. This year 2008/2009 we have conducted the first Special Camp in the adopted village at Kolangondai, Mallasamudram Union.


We have conducted Road Saftey rally, Vetnary Camps, Aids awareness Rally, Public Health Camp, Road Cleaning, Sapling Plantation, And Several Cultural Programmes. This NSS unit is now on its right path to achieve all it motto successfully in the coming years.



Programme Officers

R.Subramanian      Principal /


M.Kamalakannan    NSS P.O



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